Rift 5th Anniversary Event

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    To Celibrate 5 years since Rift was launched, Trion Worlds have created an anniversary event where you can earn some nice loot you won't get elsewhere unless you do T3 Raid Dungeons!

    The event is on for an entire month, so there is plenty of time to complete it. A vendor who accepts anniversary tickets is in Tempest Bay, right next to where you spawn when teleporting there.


    For 500 Tickets each, you can buy the following T3 Quality Rings and Earings. (Cleric example)


    Notice that they are unique-Equip, so there is no point in buying more than one of each, unless you want one for an alt of the same Class.

    There is also a unique mount, a portrait frame and some dimension items up for grabs for a smaller number of tickets as well.

    To obtain tickets, just look at the Activity event that displays with your quests at the top right. Most daily/weekly quests also reward some tickets, but doing the event will always be the quickest way.

    The schedule of which events will reward extra tickets when is available on the Rift web site here.

Are you going to farm some tickets for the Rift 5th Anniversary Event?

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  1. Yes, I want both the rings and earing!

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  2. Yes, I want everything!

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  3. I might get enough tickets for the Mount only.

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  4. I might get one item.

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  5. No, I can't be bothered.

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Discussion in 'Articles' started by Ammanna, Mar 14, 2016.