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    Summary: This is a Support spec mainly for raids both 10-man and 20-man as well as Warfront/Conquest teams, it is arguably not that efficient to use in Dungeons since you'd only be buffing 2 DPSers and a Tank who hardly needs the additional healing/damage reductions because a Healer is enough. It is viable in questing and other solo content, but there are most likely better options available; it's mostly down to your judgement if you want to use it or not. Note that this Guide is mostly focused on how to use Bard in Raids so I apologise if it seems a little bit biased in that direction.


    - The primary rotation is a joke, anyone could learn it.

    - It has excellent Support buffing and debuffing as you'd expect from a Support spec.

    - The DPS isn't too bad at all.

    - It's Ranged, disconnects are not a concern to begin with.

    - It can be used to support pretty much any large-scale team.


    - Oracle is better in DPS and in some cases, the way debuffs are applied. It may be a better option in most cases.

    - You need to spend some time working out what debuffs/buffs overwrite what (This is not really much of a con, I just know how lazy some people are.)

    - Zero Interrupts/Purges (Not that expected of a Support spec, but still.)

    Point Distribution: 61Bard/11Marksman/4Nightblade -Highest Single-Target DPS spec.

    These are the only relevant 61 Bard specs I can really see, there are obviously more useful Bard variations but they play very differently so I won't include them in this Guide.

    Stat Distribution: Stack mostly AP, some CP and not really any Phys Crit.

    Synergy Crystal: Warmaster's because it has the highest AP boost.


    LV61 - Planar Replenishment: This is the only thing relevant to Bard in this row, it enables your Power Chord the ability to cast/refresh all 3 of your combat Motifs.

    LV62 - Ascended Biology: Again, the only thing relevant to Bard for this row; your Cadenza now does the same healing as Cadence which therefore makes Cadence useless.

    LV63 - Juke and Run: Best speed boost during combat, Boundless Energy is useless because it's nigh impossible to drain Bard.

    LV64 - Timed Focus: Highest Single-Target DPS boost.

    LV65 - Energy Manipulation: Highest Single-Target DPS boost. You could also switch to Planar Variation during AoE fights since switching a Mastery isn't that hard.

    Here's a list of all the buffs/debuffs, this is worth reading to understand when to use what and when to consider talking with your raid about what they're using and what you're using to prevent any drawbacks to efficiency.

    Buffs: Ranged Combat Mastery, Fanfare of Vigor and Fanfare of Power. Add Virulent Poison if you're using the 4 Assassin or add Preventive Medication for 11 Physician.

    Toggled Buffs:

    Anthem of Glory - Boost to Armor/Resists to all raid members. You will almost never use this in a raiding environment because an Archon usually should.have Arcane Aegis up which means it's unnecessary.

    Anthem of Fervor - 5% Cost Reduction to all raid members. Use only if you have no Chloromancers in your setup, otherwise they will be using Living Energy which makes this useless

    Anthem of Competence - 15% boost to movement speed of all raid members. You should mostly be using this as most raids tend to have an Archon and a Chloromancer, if you're wondering about the tooltip saying "Out of Combat" then that's just not updated for some reason; the soul tree should tell you that "Improved Anthem of Competence" allows it to work in combat.

    Multiple Oscillations: Cadence/Cadenza/Power Chord do 50% less damage and affect up to 3 targets. As you can probably tell, this is what you use for AoE DPS.

    Motif of Tenacity: Reduces damage taken by 5% on all raid members for 20 secs.

    Motif of Regeneration: Restores health over 20 secs on all raid members, also increases healing received by 5%.

    Motif of Bravery: Increases AP/SP by 275 and Crit Chance by 1% on all raid members for 20 secs.

    Pre-Apply them before combat and these will be refreshed every time you use a Finisher, so maintaining them isn't a problem really unless you die.



    #show verse of agony
    cast @self energy manipulation
    cast verse of agony
    cast cadenza

    Verse of Agony hits for a large portion of damage and Cadenza speeds up it's cooldown, Cadenza is also able to provide a relatively good amount of raid healing due to Planar Replenishment, this is also why Cadence is useless now.

    #show coda of wrath
    cast @self energy manipulation
    cast coda of wrath

    This is your strongest Single-Target DPS Finisher.

    #show orchestra of the planes
    cast orchestra of the planes
    (Line that tells people you used Orchestra)

    Orchestra of the Planes boosts the damage of all raid members by 15% + Provides a bit of AoE DPS and Raid Healing for 15 seconds. You could make a similar macro to call out Verse of Joy, but it probably isn't necessary since people can guess when it's used.

    #show harmonic distortion
    cast @mouseoverui harmonic distortion

    This lets you do a quick heal on a single player, however it should only be used in emergencies as you lose 5% of your DPS when a stack of Harmonic Energy is consumed for using this. It's also a very small amount of healing so you will hardly see situations to absolutely need it.

    Other Abilities:

    Coda of Jeopardy: This should be maintained with 5 combo points to apply a 1 minute debuff of bonus Physical Damage for each player every 3 seconds. Beastmaster's could use Spotter's Call and Archons could use Illuminate, but these only last 20 seconds so they would waste more time maintaining it than you can.

    Coda of Cowardice/Distress: Cowardice increases Physical Damage by 5% on all enemies affected near the target, Distress does the same but 7% Non-Physical Damage. Archons apply 5 minute versions of these whereas yours last for a minute, that basically means they should be handling it in Single-Target fights. In AoE fights however, Archons will only apply these two targets at a time so you should be using Cowardice/Distress to debuff enemies faster as this is better for raid DPS overall.

    Coda of Fury: AoE version of Coda of Wrath, can affect up to 5 enemies. It's pretty much a DPS boost on even 2 targets, so if you count more than 1 thing to hit then use it.

    Coda of Restoration: You shouldn't worry about this too much unless your raid healing is lacking during certain damage bursts, in which case you can use Virtuoso with this. Obviously though, Virtuoso is a huge DPS boost so using this Coda should be avoided.

    Verse of Occlusion: Shields a fair amount of damage, should be used during heavy raid damage to help reduce it.

    Verse of Captivation: Mesmerizes a target for 8 seconds, assuming your raid can avoid hitting the target you're affecting; this can help if a certain mob is being annoying and you want to deal with it after everything else is dead. This also technically functions as an Interrupt, try to remember that.

    Riff: Does big damage and gives 5 combo points. Great for when you need to use a Finisher really quickly.

    Power Chord: This shouldn't really be used unless you die and need to refresh your Motifs quickly, otherwise your Motifs will be fine without it and Power Chord before Cadenza may apply a 20% buff; but it's still a DPS loss.

    Verse of Joy: Restores 5 Energy/Charge/Power or 50 Mana per second for 15 seconds on all raid members. This should ideally be used during Orchestra or Lava Field (Whichever your raid happens to use first), but you can also use it alternatively in situations where the raid might be getting their energy and stuff drained. (Or a certain mechanic you know lots of people will fail to avoid and therefore get drained from anyway.)

    Virtuoso: Causes Codas not to use Combo Points for 15 seconds. This is primarily where a lot of Bard's DPS comes from, since you can basically spam 15 Codas of Wrath/Fury in a row if you applied Jeopardy before using this. Virtuoso should be used with cooldowns to maximise it's effect. It's a good idea to throw this in several Jeopardy's in with this on AoE fights in order to debuff everything quickly, it also makes it easier to track the approximate duration of all of them if you happen to not have KAlerts.


    Verse of Purity: Cleanses 1 debuff from 10 raid members twice within 3 seconds. This is very useful in Raids where you need more cleanses but definitely don't need more Healers (Bulf much?), so try and use it when it looks useful.

    On the Double: 50% speed buff for 5 seconds, if you minus the duration then it's only a 15 second cooldown so this is very helpful for movement.

    Sprint (Bladedancer variant): Boosts movement speed by 50% for 24 seconds.

    Weapon Barrage (Bladedancer variant): Interrupts. (Also it debilitates for 5 seconds but that is only going to work in PvP and maybe on some adds.)


    Use Multiple Oscillations for an AoE fight, else ignore it. Also maintain Codas of Cowardice/Distress on AoE fights.

    Maintain Coda of Jeopardy, use Verse of Agony off cooldown and spam Cadenza. Clip the second Cadenza at 5 combo points and then use Coda of Wrath/Fury. Use Raid CDs during a certain damage burst or off cooldown (It really depends on the fight) and use Virtuoso with raid cooldowns.

    Use Power Chord if you died (So bad) to reapply Motifs quicker, or just if you need some quick combo points. Riff can also be used to get quick combo points, but you want to use this sort of immediately as it does quite a big deal of damage
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