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    Warden is the raid healing spec for clerics , it has high healing throughput and can cover massive amounts of raid damage but needs to be played correctly for it to do so.

    The build:

    It focuses on getting the most SP out of the tree as it makes your heals bigger , also we get the pushback reduction for Cataract casting.

    For the Masteries warden has nothing specific for it in there , and for Tier 5 you can choose either Souls Stream , Vicar's Bulward or Divini favor, its really up to you and what
    you feel you need for the fight. The only masteries that can be considered mandatory are Divine Inspiration, Faith's Reward and Meditaion ofc for the mana regen as the spec is
    verry mana starved.

    Buffs and Crystal :

    You have 2 buffs in warden - Bosun's Blessing and Shared Excess , you additionally have Heroic Resolve from Sent and Boon of vitality from Oracle.

    For the synergy crystal you should use Savant Crystal - Yes it is the single target crystal but , since Bosun's counts as a single target heal(idk why) and every aoe spell
    procs it you get increased healing right there , additionally it inreases the healing of Soothing Stream , Healing Spray , Overflowing Renewal and Pools of Restoration.
    In the Pools of Restoration case each tick of it procs bosun so it double dips in its case and produces some amazing healing.

    Dangers of the Deeps(DoD) - a self buff applied when you use a dmg abillity ,stacks 5 time. It increases your healing done and reduces the cast time of Healing Cataract,
    NEED TO E MAINTAINED 100% of the time and it has top priority

    Soothing Stream(SS) - a HoT that stacks up to 4 times , needs to be kept up on the target that has Shared Excess on , increases healing taken by 10 % on the target

    Healing Flood - this raid wide HoT needs to have 100% uptime as it increases the healing people recieve from you by 10%

    Healing Spray - Needs to be kept up on the target that has Shared Excess on , you may let it fall off since it doesnt stack , lowest refresh priority

    Healing Cataract - your main spam abillity for raid healing when stationary, with Faith's reward stacks you can get one cast to be instant once in a while so be sure to look for windows when you can use it on the run instead of Geyser/Healing Effusion. It may save you quite a big chunk of mana in the second case.

    Orbs of the Tide - Applies 3 stacks on you that heal 10 people when you get hit , throw it on everytime you can. Important to know that some raid dmg doesnt proc it , silly i know but thats trino for you .

    Monsoon - Raid healing cooldown and your best on at that , applies all your Hot-s on 10 people

    Ripple - Spreads your HoT-s from someone on to 5 people , note that you need to have hots applied for this to work. Usually used after Monsoon for additional spreading.Sadlly this spreading
    is RNG bassed as it can go to everyone , even the guys that already have all the hots. Still its worth using it.

    Pools of Restoration - Big 15 sec spell that can push a lot of healing , only use it if whole raid has taken dmg as it works off dmg-ed people, also each of the 30 total ticks

    Downpour - Raid healing cooldown , ticks about 6-7 times during its duration and every tick procs Bosun . Only really worth using with Tidal surge as otherwise the healing is subpar to Cataract spam. Also it heals in a area (usually cast around you) so you need to take into account if people are in range of the healing. Also it hits lowest HP people so dont worry about anythin

    Wave of Renewall - Its meant to be your biggest cooldown and even come with a cool VFX , only use it for the first tick as the second one comes after 6 second and its not
    worth the 3 second channel as your GCS-s are important .

    Healing Effusion - your massive healing spell for big deeps , only downside is it eats your mana up . Only use it when massive raid dmg is incoming or for emergency healing.

    Geyser - use this to refresh your stacks of DoD and for spam on the move when no big healing is needed

    Healing Breath and Overflowing Renewal - You can spot heal with these or spam them on tank if needed.

    Orbs of the Steam - can do some nice heals on the tank , but with the 30 sec cd i find myself not sure when to use it . Throw it on the tank if some big dmg is expected .

    TIdal surge - doesnt work with monsoon ( devs said it should in the forums and its working for them , sadly not the case ingame) , you should use it with Downpour of Pools of Restoration for some big heals.

    Cascade - you mana regen cooldown , you pretty much have to use in on CD after 30 secs into the fight to keep you mana up

    Open Water - Channaled mana regen

    Damaging dots - use them for dps when you have nothing else to do, you can macro them together as Call of the depths goes gray if the target is affected by it already

    Oversaturation - you can throw it on the boss when your dots are already applied for a bit of extra dps, but dont get carried away with it, only affects one target
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    Second part

    How the spec works :

    The basics of playing warden is refreshing your mandatory hots and DoD and not allowing them to fall off and healing in the downtime , but sometimes you have to let something fall off so
    you can keep the raid alive. Its verry annoing to reapply DoD or SS from scratch as they have many stacks and will take up your GCD-s.

    You can play it 2 ways - tryhard and normal way .
    In the normal way you only keep DoD and Healing Food up , the tryhard way you keep SS and Healing Spray on your Shared Excess target(if solo tanking on the tank, with 2 tanks on yourself)

    Warden healing isnt proactive (shielding) , its frontloaded(spreading your hots and stuff over the raid before the raid dmg actually comes) and reactive( healing the already dmg-ed people).
    Massive raid dmg is usually handled with your frontloaded cd-s ( Monsoon , Orbs of the Tide , Ripple) , Healing Effusion and first tick of Wave of Renewal. For low and normal dmg you can just
    spam Cataract and Gayser for the minor healling. For the medium dmg you have Downpour+Tidal Surge and Pools of Restoration . Other important asspect is acounting for the healling gap. This is
    verry important as you can cause a raid whipe if you are solo healing high dmg. As Warden has 1,5 sec GCD when you use a instant cast spell during heavy dmg you must continue healing with
    instant spells , or if you are casting and its enough just keep casting or to into instant spells. Never go from instant to casting as it creates a 3 sec gap in witch you are not
    outputing any healing and the raid might wipe untill actuall heals come through. I see a lot of people not realising this and people die as a result.

    Other important aspect is resource managment. Imo warden has 2 resources - mana and GCD-s . You get starved out just by casting anything , and especially if you are using Healing Effusion . To
    manage mana you need to use Cascade on CD and look for opportunities to regen your mana with Open Waters, and aways AWAYS keep mana potions on standby as you will need them for every pull.
    The GCD managment really come to play when tryharding as you use 13 out of 40 GCD-s per minute just refreshing the Hots and DoD , add another 2 for orbs of the Tide and you have 25% of your time
    just refreshing stuff.You need to plan ahead for any possible raid dmg and refresh your stuff earlly if you ever find yourself not regening mana or healing trivial dmg . You can lose GCD-s
    and respectivly HPS by having to move , so you need to plan ahead for that if possible , better to cast a extra gyser than to waste your time casting Cataract just to have to move before finishing
    the cast.
    #show Orbs of the Tide
    cast @self Orbs of the Tide

    #show Downpour
    target Hakaishi
    cast Tidal Surge
    cast @gtae Downpour

    #show Curative Waters
    cast @self Curative Waters

    Note: its important to use cast @self , if you dont it will just cast around your target and you may not cleanse everyone you want to

    #show Healing Breath
    cast Healing Breath
    cast Overflowing Renewal

    #show Pool of Restoration
    cast Tidal Surge
    cast Pool of Restoration
    cast Healing Effusion

    #show Cascade
    cast @self Cascade

    #show Cleansing Waters
    cast @mouseoverui Cleansing Waters
    cast @group01 Cleansing Waters
    cast @group02 Cleansing Waters
    cast @group03 Cleansing Waters
    cast @group04 Cleansing Waters
    cast @group05 Cleansing Waters
    cast @group06 Cleansing Waters
    cast @group07 Cleansing Waters
    cast @group08 Cleansing Waters
    cast @group09 Cleansing Waters
    cast @group10 Cleansing Waters
    cast @group11 Cleansing Waters
    cast @group12 Cleansing Waters
    cast @group13 Cleansing Waters
    cast @group14 Cleansing Waters
    cast @group15 Cleansing Waters
    cast @group16 Cleansing Waters
    cast @group17 Cleansing Waters
    cast @group18 Cleansing Waters
    cast @group19 Cleansing Waters
    cast @group20 Cleansing Waters

    #show Ripple
    cast @group01 Ripple
    cast @group02 Ripple
    cast @group03 Ripple
    cast @group04 Ripple
    cast @group05 Ripple
    cast @group06 Ripple
    cast @group07 Ripple
    cast @group08 Ripple
    cast @group09 Ripple
    cast @group10 Ripple
    cast @group11 Ripple
    cast @group12 Ripple
    cast @group13 Ripple
    cast @group14 Ripple
    cast @group15 Ripple



    Closing thoughts :

    Warden can push some good heals but you will be topping the overhealing charts mainly with it. It suffers from heals being 1,5 secs between , having low constant heals and everything comming in
    bursts. With SS and HF stacking you can add some pretty nice HoT's to a tank if you are running only one ( RoF second boss ) but overall you will feel lacking compared to the others. As the
    healing meta shifts to heals ticking more often ( Preserves is a verry good example of that ) and shielding warden is suffering , well for being warden . It can still do the job of raid
    healing but it will not be favored as you dont bring any dps or shielding to the tablle and you need to be putting a lot of effort to be just fine compared to every other healer.

    As a disclaimer i wrote this in downtime between raid wipes so i may have not covered everything and will probably be adding more stuff to the guide, also grammar might be a bit trash :D.