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    Purifier is the premier tank healing spec for PVE raiding in the game , every raid uses at least one and in some rare cases 2.Its designed to be the shielding class with a mix of some verry potent heals.

    The build:

    Puri has 3 viable paths that you can go into with each having its pro-s and cons

    The first one is 61puri/11sent/4oracle . I consider it the all rounder - you have gome nice tank healing cd-s with Right of the Forge , Spiritual Conflagaration and some raid healing cd-s with Flame of Life ( its OP btw) and Gathering Flames,

    You have 2 options for the puri/sent hybrid:

    The first hybrid is 54puri/22sent/0warden . Here you have one more cd for your tank - Healing Covenant . Combine Healing Covenant with Spiritual Conflagaration and you have some serious tank healing power right there.Additional 10 man cleanse.

    The second hybrid is 54puri/21sent/0warden. This one prioritises dmg reduction on blocking over the extra spot healing power and reducing the cd on Flashover via Hot Streak. Still has the additional 10 man cleanse.

    The third one is 61puri/12warden/3sentinel . In this one you have you have additional raid healing and the option to make a really powerfull Gathering Flames , you can solo heal HM anrak with this

    The masteries are pretty much set in stone with the only exception being you can move around Faith's Reward for Diversify for a extra emblem , but personally i like Faith's Reward for the ocassion instant cast here and there or atleast reduced cast time on latent if you have many stacks and dont feel like wasting touch the light.If i had to pick a sign thou it would be Sign of Daring as with my current gear it gives about 0,5~ less dmg taken bassed off the tooltip , might not seem like much but these little things here and there do add up.If that seems low you can use Sign of Anticipation witch will put the tank at just above 35% chance to block attacks. Keep in mind this works only on auto attacks and not boss casts.

    Buffs and Crystal:

    You have wisdon of the ages, sigh of faith, caregiver's blessing and divine favor, eruption(put on the tank you are currentlly healing).
    Also caregiver's blessing doesnt stack with Healer's blessing so dont be fooled into spending points in it.

    Divine Favor - Basically its an overpowered healing mastery. Every time you start a heal you heal every target you have your divine favour on for a good amount, max 3 targets. You can't have other clerics/primalists with their divine favour or primalist equivelant on same target so coordinate with your other healers who has which players covered. So if you channel a ward for 3s that will give one divine favour proc. If you instead channel a ward for a global cooldown's worth(1.5s) then cast some other heal, you get two divine favour procs in the 3s instead. This is especially handy when you have more than one tank taking damage at the same time. I call it divine favour cheesing, but abuse it while its there.(explanation provided by mumps since i forgot about it :D )

    Use Savant Crystal .

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    Symbol of the Sun - your big shield only cast that puts a debuff on your target that prevents it from being cast again on him for 13 secs . There is a 15% chance that that debuff is removed by your healing spells.Adds a buff increasing healing taken from fire abilities by 20% , if you are using Symbols whenever possible it shouldnt fall off. You can cast this only on 3 people at a time , the 4th cast removes the shield on your first target and so on.Also will be reapplied if its consumed in 3 or less secs. Thereapplication value is the same as the initial application , meaning if your first cast was a crit , it will reapplie for the crit value.

    Symbol of the torch - Symbol of the Sun's little brother , the same rules apply to him . Can be only on 3 people at the same time but it doesnt mesh with the other symbol's counter so you can effectivlly shield 6 people at a time with symbols.

    Ward of Flame - your main spam abillity , it gives you stacks of Blessing of Flame for each tick stacking up to 6 . Each stack reduces the CD and mana cost of your Ward of Fire.

    Ward of Fire - you finisher of sorts , use this when you have atleast 3 stacks of Blessing of Flame for it to be worth your while, at 6 stacks its instang cast . You can save up a instant cast if you know there is a movement phase comming.

    Ward of Scorching - you high hps/shielding mana dump spell , i dont really use it since puri has some verry nice cooldown and i havent found myself needing it. Its a good target to use faith's freedom stacks on since it becomes instant after 4 stacks. Ward of Fire is cheaper in mana ofc, but for situations where you have to keep moving and you don't have any Blessing of Flame stacks or you don't want to use them Ward of Scorching is perfect.Just dont go trigger happy with it as it takes about 8-9% of your mana witch is precios enough as it is.

    Latent Blaze - throw it on the tank , when his HP drops this will pop him back up to full instantlly. Make sure its aways kept on the tank and reapply it if its consumed or proced.Dont hard cast it for the full 3 secs , use Touch the light or Faith's reward at 3 or more stacks so your tank doesnt die in the downtime between heals.

    Spiritual Conflagaration - A stronger version of Ward of Flame , keep in mind its shielding factor doesnt stack so you need to use it for fast ticking dmg to make the most out of it. If the dmg is coming in bigger intervals you have better options for that.

    Rite of the Forge - Big shielding cooldown , use it for more periodic dmg on the tank since it applies a shield every 3 seconds. Its lost a bit of power since the shielding cap introduced in 3.4 but its still deffinely good and worth using.

    Healing Breath and Healing Flare - your spot healing and on the move healing to spam on the tank.

    Flashover - your force crit abillity , you can force crit a symbol and sneak a cast or two of Soul Brand for some mana regen in lower tank dmg phases.You can use it for a bigger Gathering of Flames on demand.

    Fiery will - your standart increase in healing/shielding cd. I only use it with Rite of the Forge or with Gathering of Flames. Outside of those two i find little use for it.

    Soul Brand - you mana regen abillity , sneak one or two whenever you can as cleric healing specs are mana hungry in general but dont go too wild with it or you will die to raid dmg.
    Max 2 stacks at a time , you can go higher if you are sure there will be no raid dmg anytime soon or at least in the near 15 secs.

    Fire wall - if you are looking to do some dps this is the spell , but you need to be sure the boss wont move as it is ground targeted.With 61 variant can stack up to 3 times at a time , same ruleas the symbols

    Flame of Life - you raid healing cooldown for the OH SH*T moments , its downright OP and can save a raid when it should have wiped. Grants 20% dmg reduction and instane HPs over 6 second, also 5% dmg increase that is just a nice bonus , dont waste it for it.Also Paladin has the same abillity and both leave a debuff on the raid for 1min 30 secs so if you are in a 10 man with a pala dont bother casting this if he has done so already.

    Gathering of Flames - Shields 10 people and heals for a set amount after the shield is consumed. Use it when you know raid dmg is comming and your raid healers need a little help e.g on Ungolok cages , you can take one burst by yourself with combining a few combat buffs beffore casting it and make someone's life easier.

    Spec Specific abillities :

    for 61puri/11sent/4oracle you have :

    Touch the Light - makes your next abillity instant cast , use it with Latent Blaze or Ward of FIre for some big on the spot healing.

    for 54puri/22sent/0warden you have :

    Healing Covenant - 40 % dmg reduction on tank for 10 secs . Verry stong tank cd , use it when you are expecting a lot of tank dmg e.g Guurloth's boulder of destruction , when adds spawn at matron , when adds pile on after ZIlas does his lazer finger etc.

    Your healing breath will be doing some additional splash heals so its better for spot healing also and potentially a 1 sec GCD cleanse, depends if you are willing to spend points in Merciful appeal in the sentinel tree. Downside is you lose Flame of Life and Fiery will.

    For 61 puri/12warden/3sentinel you have :

    You will mainly use this for 10 man content , and as i mentioned in the introduction you can soloheal HM anrak with this . Here is a video of Cupcakey doing it

    Tidal Surge - buffs your next spell for 50% more numbers . You can use this in combination with Fiery will and Flashover to make a BIG Gathering of Flames. WIth my current gear it shields for 35 k and heals for 14 k after shield is broken . Gives you a nice raid healing option for heavy dmg.

    Healing Flood - raid HoT , throw it on when you are expecting raid dmg or whenever you feel like it , just dont clip your tank healing in an important moment for this.

    Healing Cataract - raid healing abillity , use whenever the whole raid has taken dmg and you can spare the time. It doesnt heal for much but its better than spot healing if the whole raid has taken dmg

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    How the spec works :

    The spec revolves around constantlly having shield on the tank effectivlly "increasing" his HP pool. With 3.4 and introduction of shielding cap you can stack shiled on the tank for 50~55% of his max HP. At T2 gear that is around 80~90k shields on the tank at one time.

    Apply Latent Blaze on the tank before pull.The basic rotation is use Symbol of the Sun whenver you can , then one channel of Ward of Flame and cast Ward of Fire. This give you maximum healing and shielding throughput without cooldowns.You wont find yourself useing cooldowns outside of heavy dmg phases or you will rotate your cooldown when there is a dmg stacking mechanic on the boss and its nearing the end of the encounter.
    You need to pack some mana potions and find windows to use Soul Brand so you can sustain yourself.You have chances if you force crit a symbol or notice your Ward of Fire has crited, other chances are during raid mechanics that dont require tank healing.
    Overall its verry straightforward and easy to play so i dont have too much to add from tips and tricks.


    #show gathering of flames
    cast flashover
    cast Fiery Will
    cast tidal surge
    cast gathering of flames

    #show Cauterizing Wave
    cast @self Empowering Light
    cast @self Cauterizing Wave

    #show Rite of the Forge
    cast Fiery will
    cast Rite of the Forge

    #show Cauterize
    cast @mouseoverui Cauterize
    cast @group01 Cauterize
    cast @group02 Cauterize
    cast @group03 Cauterize
    cast @group04 Cauterize
    cast @group05 Cauterize
    cast @group06 Cauterize
    cast @group07 Cauterize
    cast @group08 Cauterize
    cast @group09 Cauterize
    cast @group10 Cauterize
    cast @group11 Cauterize
    cast @group12 Cauterize
    cast @group13 Cauterize
    cast @group14 Cauterize
    cast @group15 Cauterize
    cast @group16 Cauterize
    cast @group17 Cauterize
    cast @group18 Cauterize
    cast @group19 Cauterize
    cast @group20 Cauterize

    #show touch the light
    cast Flashover
    cast touch the light
    cast Ward of Fire

    #show Latent Blaze
    cast Touch the Light
    cast Flashover
    cast @mouseoverui Latent Blaze



    Closing thoughts:
    Puri is overall a verry solid spec that allows some verry cool tech choices , but sadlly it prevents other tank healling specs from being viable due to its shielding , high healing and the fact that encounters are being ballanced around it instead of it seeing some nerfs(the same applies for defiler) and making more that one spec tank healing vialbe.